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“Let this be a place where man may commune with sun and sand and sea, where good fellowship and aloha prevail and where the sports of old Hawai’i shall always have a home.”

The Outrigger Canoe Club is a private club founded in 1908 on the beach in Waikiki. We moved to our current location and clubhouse in 1964. Many of our members are third and fourth-generation families and we pride ourselves on being a family club providing a family atmosphere.

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  • Paddling

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    Outrigger Canoe Club

  • Volleyball

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    Outrigger Canoe Club

  • Surfing

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    Outrigger Canoe Club

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For more information, please call us at (808) 923-1585

  • OCC Biathlons

    Members continue to enter community biathlons that occur
    nearly every weekend somewhere on the island.

  • OCC Paddleboard

    Outrigger Canoe Club began sponsoring paddleboard racing in 1974 and was the first to offer competition in Hawaii.

  • OCC Surfing

    Founded on May 8, 1908, OCC was the first club founded
    specifically to preserve sports of board surfing.