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Tuesday, January 9 - A Special Evening with Tri Bourne

You’re invited to meet Tri Bourne, among the world's elite class of professional beach volleyball players, who will be joining us to share his life stories. Tri, who spent most days of his childhood at Outrigger Canoe Club, is now a professional beach volleyball player and has played at the highest levels of the sport, including Olympics and World Championships.

Tri will be speaking about his experiences such as making it from our Club’s Baby Court to the Olympics (to fill in for Taylor Crabb), dealing with the health challenges along the way and co-founding SANDCAST Media platform - which features his podcast, YouTube channel and his newest volleyball book ‘Playbook of Champions’.

The Outrigger Canoe Club holds a long and storied place in national and international volleyball history. Although many factors contribute to the Club’s success, the one constant has been the Baby Court at the Club where so many champions like Tri got their volleyball start. Alan Lau, OCC Volleyball Committee Chair 2014-2018 (Co-Chair 2013), will be on hand to kick off this special evening and share insight on the Baby Court, the birthplace of champions!

Tuesday, November 21 - Royal Residences Around the World

You’re invited to enjoy a regal worldwide journey presented by Dr. Douglas Askman, Professor of History, Hawai'i Pacific University .This presentation will first look at several Hawaiian royal residences. Then, we will examine royal palaces in various places around the world in a Hawaiian context featuring royal sites in Europe and Asia that King Kalākaua visited on his 1881 world tour. Finally, learn about artifacts with Hawaiian royal connections, including objects at ‘Iolani Palace, that have links to royal residences.

Tuesday, October 24 - The Kahanamoku Family Musical Legacy

Photo credit: J. Matt/ZUMA

Join Kealakai Center & The Pacific String Museum founder Kilin Reece for a multimedia presentation and journey through time chronicling the illustrious musical legacy of the Kahanamoku family. From the 19th-century string ensembles of Duke Kahanamoku Sr. and his performances at the 1893 Chicago World Fair, to the globetrotting musical odyssey of his violin and Hawaiian Steel Guitar pioneering brother, Professor Keouli (aka Lui Thompson), and his band the Honolulu Students. 

For more information about Kealakai Center & The Pacific String Museum, go to

Tuesday, September 26 - Our Stories, Our Future - CANCELED

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to cancel the event. We sincerely apologize for the short notice.

We hope to see you at the next Stew & Rice event on Tuesday, October 24.

Mahalo for your understanding. 

Tuesday, August 22 - Kama'aina Kanikapila

Wear your favorite mu’u mu’u with a flower in your hair or your best aloha shirt and lei and reminisce with friends at our annual Kama’aina Kanikapila party.

Enjoy a specially prepared curry dinner buffet by Executive Chef Brandon Lee. Sway to music by Kualoa at Dawn and enjoy an informative presentation about Hawaiian music history presented by Kilin Reese, founder of Kealakai Center & The Pacific String Museum. Plus, all in attendance receive a complimentary raffle ticket for a chance to win a door prize.

It’s a great time of year to gather with old friends and new - get your hula hands ready and don’t forget to bring your ukulele for an impromptu jam session!

Tuesday, July 18 - History of the Transpacific Yacht Race

Join us for an exciting evening with Senior Staff Commodore Bo Wheeler, who enlighten us with the Transpacific race history and share actual footage from past races. Learn how the Transpacific Yacht Club came to fruition thanks to Clarence Macfarlane and Harry Sinclair organizing the first race from San Francisco to Honolulu in 1906. For details on this year's race log, please visit

Tuesday, June 20 - Share the Shaka

Be one of the first to get a Sneak Peek of the film "Shaka, A Story of Aloha" presented by producer Steve Sue. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to submit feedback to help optimize the value of the final film. The movie explores the origin of the Shaka gesture kept secret by elders for more than 75 years for fear of it being commercialized. Stories attribute it to former Waialua Sugar Mill worker Hamana Kalili who lost his middle fingers in a mill accident. He was given a new job on the mill train waving to passing children with the hand signal now known as the shaka.

Where the word SHAKA originated from connects Hawaii and Japan. It is a Japanese word meaning "Fear not, go for it" and was brought to Hawaii by Japanese and Okinawan plantation workers. Ultimately the film is about the power of aloha, relevant to a world in need of optimism, tolerance, inspiration, hope, cooperation and connection.

Tuesday, May 23 - “Surfing With Ancients”

Talk Story with Native Hawaiian cultural practitioner and waterman Tom “Pohaku” Stone with special Emcee Kamaka Pili, KHON2 Weather Anchor, Reporter and host of “Aloha Authentic”. Hear about Pohaku’s journey in search of his culture, his passion for preserving and sharing traditional Hawaiian values and connection to the ocean through his nonprofit organization Kanalu. Learn rituals of surfboard carving in the days of old Hawai’i and the sport of He’e Holua (Hawaiian Sledding) which Tom has single handedly revitalized. For more information about Pohaku visit

Tuesday, April 18 - The History of the Hawaiian Flag & Coat of Arms

Dr. Doug Askman, Professor of History at Hawaii Pacific University and docent at Iolani Palace, will look at the history of the Hawaiian Flag, Coat of Arms, and Seals. He'll discuss the Hawaiian Flag, royal flags from the Hawaiian Kingdom and other official flags used during and after the monarchy. The history and symbolism of the Kingdom's Coat of Arms and Seals used by subsequent governments will also be explained.


Tuesday, March 21 - Joey Cabell: The Legend of Surf

The Historical Committee is excited to present Stew & Rice Tuesday, March 21. Join us for a special evening with Joey Cabell, member of the Waterman Hall of Fame and Duke Kahanamoku Surf team. Enjoy a viewing of Joey Cabell: The Legend of Surf, the story of the legendary championship surfer who helped revolutionize the sport in the 1960s in Hawai'i, while becoming the ultimate renaissance man as a world-class sailor, skier, and entrepreneur in launching the famous Chart House restaurant brand.


Tuesday, February 21 - History of The Violin In Hawai'i 


The Historical Committee is excited to present Stew & Rice Tuesday, February 21 at 5:30 pm. Join Kealakai Center and Pacific Strings Museum founder Kilin Reece and filmmaker Myrna Kamae for an evening exploring the rich history of the violin in Hawaii. Enjoy a live performance by members of the award-winning Mana Music Quartet performing string arrangements of HRH Queen Liliuokalani's compositions and the 60-minute documentary Li'a: the Legacy of a Hawaiian Man, an unforgettable film about Sam Li'a whose music and life was filled with the spirit of Hawai'i... A man of aloha.


Tuesday, January 17 - Sacred Hawaiian Burials


To kick off this year's Stew & Rice events, the Historical Committee is thrilled to welcome filmmaker Keoni Alvarez and his mentor Palikapu Dedman to our Club. They will be showing one of Keoni's films, Kapu "Sacred Hawaiian Burials," a documentary about an indigenous Hawaiian man who discovers his path through the discovery of a hidden ancient Hawaiian burial cave. Followed by a Questions & Answers session in which they will elaborate on their mission to preserve Native Hawaiian burial sites.


Tuesday, October 25 - Papua New Guinea: Then & Now - Details & Reservations Coming Soon...

Tuesday, September 20 - Iolani Palace


We are honored to welcome a presentation from Iolani Palace: “One hundred and forty years ago Kalakaua and Kapiolani began using the Palace to send a message to the world; we are an independent sovereign nation, we are educated and technologically advanced. The Friends of Iolani Palace mission statement challenges us to share and celebrate the unique cultural, historical and spiritual qualities of Iolani Palace and its grounds. With the Palace as a focal point Paula Akana, Executive Director of The Friends of Iolani Palace and Palace Historian Zita Cup Choy will share and celebrate who we were as a nation in the late 19th century.” 

Tuesday, August 23 - Kanikapila

Tuesday, June 28 - Waikiki: Riding the Waves of Change

Book your seats early for the next exciting presentation as we welcome Co-producers Caroline Yacoe and Judy Athans to introduce “Waikiki: Riding the Waves of Change.” This acclaimed 2007 documentary tells the story of the Waikiki Beach Boys and their time of transition through interviews, archival footage and scenes of Waikiki. Join us for a look back at these legendary Ambassadors of Aloha.

Previous Events:

Tuesday, May 24 - SOLD OUT

Thank you author Rianna Williams and Alice Guild for their reading of “An Hour with Queen Lili'uokalani”

Tuesday, March 29

An Exclusive Screening of Waterman! - SOLD OUT

Thanks to OCC Club Captain, Billy Pratt, for arranging this special showing for Outrigger Canoe Club members.
If you missed this showing, Waterman is currently available to view on PBS as part of their American Masters series: Click Here to view on PBS.

February 28, 2022 at 5:30 pm SOLD OUT
The Historical Committee Presents: Stew & Rice
Bishop Museum Historian DeSoto Brown presenting Waikiki: Things You Remember and Things You Never Knew

Thank you to all of our members that made our first Stew & Rice at the Club a sold-out success!

The Historical Committee Presents:
Stew & Rice At Home via Zoom Webinar

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Tuesday, November 16
Alice Guild will be reading excerpts from “Besieged by Paradise” a play by John Dinsmore and George James. Click Here to View Recording

Tuesday, October 19 at 6:30 pm
 Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum "From Enemies to Friends: A Peaceful Perspective of the Attack on Pearl Harbor." 
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Tuesday, September 28 at 6:30 pm
Photographer, writer, and professor David Ulrich - The Art of Seeing with a Camera
David Ulrich is a professor and co-director of Pacific New Media Foundation in Honolulu.
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Click Here to view Jane Goodsill author of the book “Stories of an Island People in Their Own Words” - learn more about her book at: recorded Tuesday, August 3 at 6:30 pm

Click Here to view Vicki Heldreich Durand with her book: Wave Woman: The Life and Struggles of a Surfing Pioneer from June 15 at 6:30 pm

Email Vicky at [email protected] to view the video she mentions during the presentation and visit her website for more information:

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The Nature Conservancy Hawaii Celebrates Earth Day - Take a virtual walk through Maui’s Waikamoi Preserve
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Felipe Pomar presents: The Lost and Ancient Roots of Surfing - for more information, click here

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Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum presents: The Swamp Ghost's Long Journey Home with Alfred Hagen. For more information about the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum and their programs - Click Here.

Click Here  - Chris Cramer, Founder and Executive Director of the Maunalua Fishpond Heritage Center - Presents: Groves of Mana: Traditions of Niu - sharing stories of the celebrated groves along O’ahu’s South Shore, virtually visiting beloved groves from the past including Niu, Wai’alae, Helumoa, Ainahau and Old Plantation. For more information, Click Here.


Click Here to View Author John Clark joined us Monday, January 11 at 6:30pm via Zoom Webinar to present his new book - Kalaupapa Place Names - Waikolu to Nihoa. John has been a very popular Stew & Rice speaker, and he'll be presenting a unique history of the leprosy settlement on Moloka'i, based on his research of more than 300 Hawaiian language newspaper articles. 

Due to technical difficulties, Myrna Kamae will be rescheduled to present at a future Stew & Rice event, date to be determined. We want to ensure her video clips are presented at the highest quality for maximum enjoyment.

Click Here to view the recording of the October 20 for Stew & Rice at Home with The Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum - "The Doolittle Raid"
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Tuesday, October 6 at 6:30pm
Welcome Back John Madinger Presenting The Opium Kings of Hawaii

Please enjoy a return visit from John Madinger, presenting on the exciting true story of the men of the schooner Halcyon who smuggled tons of opium into San Francisco and Honolulu in the 1890s, becoming America's first drug traffickers. John's presentation last month on the Massie case was extremely well-received - you won't want to miss this presentation.
Click Here to view the recording

Click Here to view the Recording from ​​​​​​​the September 1st Stew & Rice, featuring award-winning author and retired law enforcement agent John Madinger. His newest novel delves into mysteries swirling around the notorious Massie murder case. For more information on John's projects, visit his website -

Nanette Napoleon Presents Oahu Cemetery - July 2020 - Click Here

The Nature Conservancy Hawaii Presents Palmyra Atoll - June 2020 - Click Here