Koa Lanai

Aloha wear is acceptable unless otherwise specified for special occasions.
Gentlemen's attire may include walking shorts, casual footwear and collared shirts.
T-shirts, tank tops, hats, athletic wear, and/or swimwear and rubber slippers are not acceptable

Hau Terrace

Casual dress including swimwear, is permitted.
Gentlemen are asked to wear shirts after 6 p.m.

Ka Mo'i Boathouse

Casual dress permitted, T-shirts and ath­letic clothes may be worn; upper torso covering required for ladies and gentle­men. No tank tops after 6 p.m. No wet clothing or swimwear. Footwear is re­quired. 

Please note:
Children under the age of eight are not allowed in the carpeted area of the bar at any time. Minors eight years of age or older may be allowed in the carpeted area at appropriate times to watch sportscasts provided they are in the company of and under the actual effective and responsible supervision of an adult member.

Under no circumstances shall any minor be permitted to stand or be seated at the bar.

Cell Phone Policy


Cell phones are prohibited in the Koa Lanai, Hau Terrace and the Ka Mo'i Boathouse. Please step away from the dining areas before answering your cell phone. Your cooperation is appreciated.